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 Suggestions for the Guild

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PostSubject: Suggestions for the Guild   Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:14 am

We are always looking for ways to improve the guild, if you have any ideas or suggestions please post them here!

To start us off i got a few ideas of my own :
Seen it done in many guilds and a GREAT way to get money in the guild bank while providing a fun activity.
Here is how they did it: Every friday the GM Hosted the raffle at 9:00pm server time. Everyone who wanted in had to send a letter to him containing one gold before that time. At 9:00 he would then roll a number for every person entered and the winner got 10g-with all profit going to guild bank.

Pretty much same as raffle except at 9:00 Gm would ask a random Question about WoW
For example: What is the name of the last boss in Scarlet Monestary - Graveyard?
The first person to say the correct answer in guild chat wins and recieved the reward with proceeds going to guild bank.

-Random Act of Kindness-
Players may enter their name on a list on the forums. One day a week, Saturday for example, a random player is selected from the list and everybody focuses on helping that specific person out all day. Anything they need - instance runs, quest help, proffesion leveling - is givin to them that day. If we prefer we could also charge an admission fee of 1g or so to get on the list- money going to guild bank.

So tell me what you think of these and post any other ideas you might have!

Fear me, for I am the Guild Master
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PostSubject: Reply   Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:28 pm

I love the idea of a "lottery". I would definitely participate if I'm on at that time. I also would love to select a person to help. Since I've joined this guild, everyone has been really awesome and helped me out a lot. I espicially appreciate their patience since I am still pretty new and have millions of questions. I've heard a lot of things about guilds, but I am glad that I was invited to this one. I'm lvl 25 (for now), but would love to help out anyone lower than me lvl and quest. I have to repay the favors since joining.

I want to know how to deposit stuff in the guild bank. I've come accross a lot of stuff and sold it to clear out my bags. I'm sure some of the stuff I pass up on would be great for someone who might need it.

Take care all
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Suggestions for the Guild
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